Jon Brooks Signs with the University of The Cumberlands

Jon with family
Jon with Family

By Evan Kinser Feb 26, 2019, 3:20pm EST

The Powell County Pirates have experienced two of their best seasons in the past two years, and part of that is due to the Class of 2019. So far three seniors have signed with colleges to play college football, and it is expected that more will be joining them. The latest to join them in signing on to play college football is quarterback Jon Brooks. Brooks, a starter since his freshman season, will be playing for the University of the Cumberlands next season.

Jon has been the quarterback on two district championship winning teams and his junior year the team was runner-up in the regional playoffs. Success in Powell County for football is hard to come by, but the Pirates have seemed to figure it out recently.

The Pirates record was 9-3 this season, the best mark in school history. Last year they earned an 8-5 record, which is extremely rare for Powell County. When I asked Jon about what was different with this team over previous years, he said, “I really feel like in the weight room this group of seniors really made it their own. Before, I feel like kids would take out reps but this year we really strived in the weight room. We just really had a lot of drive to better ourselves as a team. “

The team’s success was no secret as several college programs took notice of members of the team. Nate Skidmore signed with EKU, Caleb Fraley signed with Pikeville, and there are several still considering their options. Just like in the weight room, these players plan to remain committed and work to improve their skills. Jon in particular, knows that he has a long road to go before he is where he wants to be. “Just signing isn’t where I want to be, ultimately I want to be the starter and just get better while I am there and grow as a person in total. I am excited to be there, it is a great program and a great school.”

Jon’s brother, Matt, played for UC as quarterback so there is a tie to the program in that regard. When asked if his brother has helped him throughout this process, Jon said, “He has probably really been the biggest coach I have ever had. Between him and Coach Wood, they really have taught me most of the things I know and helped me get to the place I am today as a quarterback and as a leader on the field. He has been very helpful and inspirational throughout this process.”

The University of the Cumberlands is getting a player that will work as hard as he possibly can, and Jon has the experience as a four-year starter to turn some heads in the program. All of Powell County will be rooting for Jon as he attempts to improve not only his skills on the field, but also to take that “Pirate” spirit to the UC Patriots. I am sure he will do just that.

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