Powell County Pirates Defeat Letcher County Central 47-46

The Pirates as they celebrate their win

By Evan Kinser Feb 26, 2019 9:26 pm EST


The Powell County Pirates have knocked off Letcher County Central off of a Nate Skidmore and-1 that gave them the one point edge. The game was a thrilling one, with each team going on quick runs throughout the game, but the Pirates found new life late in the fourth.

After Powell County missed two free throws with under a minute left to play, it looked like the Pirates would end their season on a bad note. There was a foul called on the Pirates that put the Cougars on the line with just 22.2 seconds left to play. Hoping for a miss, the Pirates got what they had hoped for. Letcher first shot: good. Letcher second shot: no good.

The Pirates had their unlikely chance down by just one. Letcher Central was not in range of foul trouble so the Cougars decided to foul quickly to get the Pirates out of rhythm and cut down time on the clock. The Pirates saw this and quickly tried to attack and get a shot off, finding the hot hand of Colby Cook in the corner, looking for his fifth triple of the game. Colby had a good look but came up short, right into the hands of Nathan Skidmore.

Nate is a superb athlete, being a star on the baseball team and has also signed to play collegiate football at EKU. He reached in the air, grabbed the ball, looked for his options, and finally as time was running short he scored and drew the foul.

The Pirates tied the game!

Nate has already had his clutch moment this season, with a three-point game winner against Owsley County on January 15th. With the fate of the game in Skidmore’s hands, he calmly drilled the free throw. Pirates by one.

This is where the great coaching of first year head coach Blake Williams comes into play. With the Cougars set to inbound the ball under the opposite basket, Williams instructed his team to pressure the ball but make sure they do not commit a foul. Christian Parks used all of his length to pressure the on the inbound and forced a full court heave at an attempt to win. Senior Bryce Merion deflected the pass and the Pirates walked away with a win.

A great game from the Pirates all the way through, leading at the end of each quarter except the third as the Cougars outscored them 10 to 4. Their struggles in the third quarter did not discourage the team and instead sparked an entertaining fourth quarter.

Colby Cook and Chimaobi Ajuonuma-Creed had great games, Cook drilling down 4 three-pointers and Chimaobi getting scores in the paint at will along with several deflections on defense throughout the game.

Point guard Dashaun Williams and forward Bryce Merion also had great games. Though they did not score the ball all that much, they impacted the game through their leadership, defense, and ball movement.

Overall, this was an encouraging win for the Pirates and only increases their confidence. Winners in 10 of their last 13 games, the Pirates will be a tough out for any team they face in the coming days.

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