Daniel Poe Signs With Eastern Kentucky University

Daniel pictured with parents and coaches

By Evan Kinser, April 26th, 2019 10:41 am EST

Powell County High School senior Daniel Poe officially signed with Eastern Kentucky University’s cheerleading team on Wednesday night.

This was Daniel’s first year cheering for Powell County, and it really worked out for him: earning a Division 1 scholarship. This definitely wasn’t easy. Daniel had to put in a lot of hours to get where he is now, and had to attend many open gyms and practices.

Daniel, who is currently playing baseball, never thought that he would be a cheerleader. While he always thought that he would play college sports, cheerleading was a sport that never crossed his mind until this year. “I am really excited for this new chapter in my life. I never thought that I would be signing my senior year to be a Division 1 athlete and I am so grateful for this opportunity that Eastern is giving me.”

His start with cheer began when Daniel was joking around on the sidelines of a basketball game. Cheer coach Kayla Mays noticed him, and asked him to come to a practice. His career really took off once he began practicing with the team.

After getting more and more exposure, he was invited by some cheerleaders at Eastern to come to Richmond and stunt with them. As he kept coming, the cheer coach noticed him and asked him if he would like a scholarship.

Daniel won’t be alone at Eastern next year, his long-time friend and baseball teammate, Nate Skidmore, signed on to play to football for the team a few months ago. Daniel said, “It is great to have another classmate and one of my best friends, going to the same school to be a D-1 athlete as well.” This is a big deal for Powell County to have two students going to play Division-1 sports at the same school. Powell County High School principal Doug Brewer spoke about this when Daniel was signing, and that he will have to catch more Eastern games now instead of Kentucky football games.

Nate is excited that Daniel will be there as well, “I am very excited to have one of my best buddies there to cheer me on every game. I am very proud of him. I never thought he would be a cheerleader, but it all works out and he is a great feller.”

Daniel had thought about signing with a college to play baseball, but knew he wanted to go to EKU. Once he got a D-1 scholarship, he knew that Eastern was his only choice. He is happy with his decision because he loves cheerleading, even though he will always have a love for baseball.

This is a great opportunity for Daniel, and Powell County wishes him nothing but the best. Starting a new chapter in his life, and hopefully opening the doors for more male cheerleaders in the future for Powell County.

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